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"We needed a baby nurse for our newborn twins. We were sent an awesome woman with 10 years experience !!! It was such a pleasant experience all the way around."

- Valarie V. Mother of Twins, Westfield, NJ

Newborn Care

Are you looking for newborn care? Our Baby Nurses take complete care of your newborn. The primary function of your baby nurse is to provide assistance in your home from post-delivery recovery to transitioning your newborn to a regular schedule and a daily routine.

What tasks does a baby nurse perform?

Baby nurses provide assistance and knowledge with feeding, bathing, dressing, diapering, cord and circumcision care, preparation of formula/bottles and/or breast feeding, the baby's laundry and the maintenance/cleanliness of the baby's room.

Baby nurses are responsible for household duties that relate to the new baby or the care of other children in the household. Baby nurses teach parents how to care for the baby, and assist the new parent with any reasonable request to make them more comfortable; like bringing you a cup of tea. Baby nurses can assist you with older siblings in helping them become more comfortable with their new sibling.

Communicating with your baby nurse is very important. Discuss how you would prefer things be done in your home so the baby nurse can make it an exceptional experience!

Choice Care Baby Nurses

Our baby nurses are mothers or professionals who all share the maternal gift of being a nurturer and have the proven experience on which families can rely. Our baby nurses have over 10 years experience working exclusively with newborns. These nurses are experts working directly with newborns going from family to family & caring for preemies, singletons and multiples. They not only care for your newborn while you sleep, but they also share techniques with you to help your baby sleep through the night. The ultimate goal of the baby nurse is to set you up for success before they leave. The nurses are there to provide physical support through the Postpartum Experience, as well as offering positive emotional support during this amazing, life-altering change.

Our staff of professionals will confidently match you with an experienced baby nurse to work with newborn(s) in your home. We work directly with you to ensure you understand what a baby nurse does and how they can help you through the process of caring for your newborn. Our database of proven professional baby nurses is among the best in the industry and our selection & screening process is among the most exclusive.

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